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Two Pastors' Podcast

Listen in on conversations between Pastors Beth Scibienski and Michael Droege, two old friends and colleagues who talk about life, love, politics, culture and everything in between.

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Apr 1, 2016

The two pastors talk about managing and transforming our emotions.

Doug H
almost four years ago

I'm enjoying the podcast, and wanted to give some feedback on this one, because I think it's an important topic. I'm not sure, but it didn't seem like you guys were differentiating between anger and hatred, and I also wasn't sure about whether you were differentiating between fear and anxiety. I have a ton to say about those things, totally not the thing for a comment thread, but I wanted to just point out that it might be worth considering more how the different variations on feelings differ from one another. For me, anger and hatred are quite different - one a healthy emotion with a job and the other an unhealthy emotion that is just destructive. Similar in my view to fear and anxiety respectively. Anyway. As I said, I'm enjoying the podcast and am subscribed through Podcast Republic for Android (which is a great podcast app if you have an Android device). Keep up the good work.